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WHO Convention June 13 & 14, 2014
Washington State Fair
110 9th Ave SW
Puyallup, WA 98371
Click Here for Directions

Friday, June 13th - 9:00 - 6:00
Saturday, June 14th - 9:00 - 4:00

Kerry RuefKerry Ruef is an innovator and educator whose mission is to give kids and adults the most efficient (and delightful) intellectual tools for success. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, an amateur naturalist, and former classroom teacher, Ruef conceived of and founded The Private Eye Project to accelerate creative and critical thinking. The seeds of The Private Eye® Project sprouted when she began seeking the habits of mind that are common denominators to writers, scientists, artists, mathematicians and social scientists. By 1988 she’d arrived at a theory, encapsulated in The Private Eye process: an original, hands-on strategy for thinking by analogy to magnify minds. As part of the joy and wonder of this process, she introduced to the world of education the jeweler’s loupe (as a seeing and thinking tool). Originally piloted in the Seattle Public Schools and grant-funded by the Discuren Foundation of Washington State, The Private Eye has spread to tens of thousands of teachers, parents and professionals, and over three million students. Ruef has taught hundreds of teacher training workshops and courses all over the country, and keynoted conferences ranging from The American Montessori Society to the Center for Creative Problem Solving. Kerry Ruef is the author of The Private Eye — (5X) Looking / Thinking by Analogy: A Guide to Developing the Interdisciplinary Mind (The Private Eye Project, 2003, 1998, 1992) as well as other Private Eye publications. In addition to her writings on education, Ruef is also an award-winning poet and an essayist. She’s been teaching students and teachers for over forty years.
Ed ZacarroEd Zaccaro is a teacher and a popular presenter at math and gifted education conferences around the country. He has taught students of all ages and abilities and has been an advocate for gifted education as a parent, teacher, and school board member. His students will testify to his ability to make math fun and challenging for them as well as his unique sense of humor, which comes through in his classes and workshops.

Ed has an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College, a Masters degree in Gifted Education from the University of Northern Iowa, and is the author of six math books for mathematically gifted children.



Lee BinzLee Binz, The HomeScholar helps parents homeschool for high school and is a leading internet home school resource helping parents homeschool to college.   She is an expert in how to craft a winning homeschool transcript .  She has an award-winning Christian homeschool blog and one of the most popular homeschool newsletters available.   Lee is a dynamic speaker at homeschooling conventions as well as homeschooling support groups.  Check out her homeschool online free minicourse and training webinar on how to give homeschool credit in high school   You can find Lee online at and can email her at


Tom HoyleTom Hoyle has a PhD in Christian Apologetics from California Graduate School of Theology, and is a full colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves.  Dr. Hoyle is the founder of the Bible and Science Ministries which is headquartered in Tacoma, WA, and has been actively involved in creation science missions for over 20 years.

He has spoken over 3400 times in almost 500 churches, schools, home schools, and conferences in 47 states and countries, and also broadcasts often via Christian radio and television.

Dr. Hoyle is committed to the absolute authority of God's Word, and to the crucial truth of Biblical creation. Consequently, his ministry is endorsed by numerous pastors, teachers, scientists, and laymen.

RothTeresa Roth is a homeschool mother of five and editor of the Heritage History online library, the largest collection of classical children's histories available on the internet. She has been collecting and digitizing children’s histories for fifteen years and recently developed the Heritage Classical Curriculum, a “living books” reading program based on traditional, public-domain, histories. Teresa teaches history at a homeschool co-op and is director of the STA Homeschool Network in Spokane, Washington. She grew up in West Seattle, graduated from Stanford, and worked as an engineer in California before returning to Washington to homeschool her family.


Terri JohnsonTerri Johnson
My husband, Todd, and I have been teaching our six children at home for 15 years. We've graduated two and have four to go. Together we operate a publishing company - Knowledge Quest, Inc. - publisher of history and geography materials primarily for the homeschool marketplace, including the popular Map Trek and A Child's Geography series. We have two online classes we teach - Homeschooling ABCs ( - dedicated to helping new homeschoolers gain the confidence and the necessary skills to successfully teach their children at home; and Upper Level Homeschool ( - encouraging and equipping homeschooling parents to stay the course even when their teen enter high school and to finish the race strong.

Celiane LimesCeliane Limes - As a native of Switzerland, homeschooling was a very foreign concept to me. When our youngest son was five my husband and I realized that enrolling our son in any type of school would not work for our family. Now ten years later we wonder why it was so difficult to make the decision to homeschool! We have three sons, 15, 13 and 12 and our life is centered around our family. We have created a lifestyle of learning. We love to travel and homeschooling has provided us the freedom to see the world. Homeschooling has also given our sons the luxury of time to pursue their own interests. I have been volunteering with WHO on and off for the last eight years, more recently as a board member. I love to encourage other parents to homeschool.

Kelly ArnoldKelly Arnold is a Dyslexia Specialist and former homeschool parent of a child with severe dyslexia and the owner of Better Learning Solutions, a private practice specializing in testing and tutoring for dyslexia.     Her goal is simply to share the research about this very misunderstood condition and give families the information they need to determine if this might be what is going on with their child. 



Bethany Gardiner MDBethany Gardiner, MD is a seasoned homeschooling mother with over a decade of experience in homeschooling her own children and teaching co-op classes for other homeschoolers. A National Merit Scholar that was accepted into the Honors Program at the University of Florida, she graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Statistics. Following college graduation, she attended medical school at the University of Florida and graduated with Honors in 1994. After completing medical school, Dr. Gardiner did her internship and residency at the University of Florida's Urban Campus in Jacksonville, Florida where she received the Resident Student Teacher Award. Upon completion of her residency, Dr. Gardiner joined Interlachen Pediatrics in Orlando, Florida. She is a board certified pediatrician and an internationally board certified lactation consultant. In addition to her homeschooling activities, Dr. Gardiner is very involved in volunteer work, including serving as a leader of her daughter's girl scout troop for the past seven years and a merit badge counselor for her son's Boy Scout troop. Currently, Dr. Gardiner lives in Utah where she enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting, reading, traveling, and writing. She remains maried to the same man she met as a freshman in college 25 years ago.


Janice HedinJanice Hedin continues to be one of the strongest voices to defend and champion the rights of homeschoolers in Washington.;She actively worked with the grassroots movement to get our homeschool law passed in 1985 and then went on to homeschool her children all the way to college and careers. Her passion is to build confidence in parents who will hand down the gift of homeschooling to the next generation.




Jen Garrison StuberJen Garrison Stuber - We fell into homeschooling in 2003, when my then seven year old became a second-grade drop-out.   It was a bit of an adjustment for both of us, as my daughter had been at the school for just over 3 years, and I was making a radical transition from college professor to homeschool mom.  But after those initial bumps, we haven't looked back.  Homeschooling has allowed us to provide an education uniquely suited to our daughter's mismatched collection of strengths and weaknesses, catering to the former while mitigating the latter.  Along the way, I became a vocal advocate for independent homeschooling, run a local support group (in Spokane, on the sunnyside of our state), and joined the WHO Board in January 2010.


Jennifer Jarrett is a big fan of Homeschooling. She has been homeschooling with her family for the last 10 years.  During those years she has organized and taught several classes for children in her home; organized and led book clubs for children, youth, and adults; and founded the LEAF homeschool organization and co-op where she serves as the President and teaches in co-op each week. Jennifer and her husband Kelly have been married for 15 years and they have a 10-year-old daughter and 5-year-old boy/girl twins. Being a wife and mother is Jennifer’s favorite part of life.   As part of the LEAF homeschool co-op, she teaches a new class every 6 weeks.  Her favorite class that she helped teach this year was the LEAF School Play.  She has a degree in Marketing Communications from BYU and is pursuing a PHd in Liberal Arts with George Wythe University online.   Jennifer and her family live in Mill Creek, WA.

Peggy BlanchardPeggy Blanchard, who originally taught in traditional classrooms, reluctantly entered the world of homeschooling when her oldest was about to enter first grade, thinking (hoping?!) it would only be for a year or two.  Twenty-five years later, she not only homeschooled all her children until college, she has tutored and taught classes for other homeschoolers, taught workshops for homeschooling families, worked as a curriculum consultant, and participated in leadership of local and statewide homeschooling organizations.  Peggy is passionate about educating and encouraging homeschool families along the way, and continues to write articles for homeschool newsletters that inform and inspire these families.  She currently volunteers in a local literacy program reaching out to students in homeschooled, traditional and homeless outreach schooling arenas.

Tambra BirkebakTambra Birkebak

Tambra Birkebak's path has seen her wear many homeschooling hats over the years, including within Local Co-Ops, HSA, & WHO , but her favorite hat of all was homeschooling mom of 4 . Tambra viewed herself as a very eclectic homeschooler who prioritized child-led , hands-on and project based learning ; ....and as a 20 + year homeschooling mother of 4, the art of keeping it all low cost.   Her kids now adults, she works several days a week in her profession of   Occupational Therapy serving special needs students.



Chris ChisholmChris Chisholm - Wolf Camp Chris grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, except when his parents were on active military duty in Germany and other tours, and when he spent a college year abroad in Ecuador. His parents would pull him and his 6 siblings out of school as often as they could to broaden their education, including for hands-on natural science outdoor experiences. Chris credits his parents with giving him the original wherewithal to grow his outdoor school, Wolf Camp and the Wolf College, from its small start in Bellingham WA in 1996 to where it is now, actually located just one mile from where the homeschool convention is held in Puyallup. Chris and his wife Kim recently purchased her grandparent's old homestead where they are recreating a working farm and building the new Wolf Campus. In the meantime, Chris and Kim have been offering natural science classes to homeschooling families across western Washington, as well as summer camps, workshops, and expeditions for adults and families nation-wide.


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